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The high voltage electric apparatus manufacture section began to develop during 1950-1960 period of time due to the manufacture of disconnecting switches, circuit-breakers, measuring transformers and electric driving equipment of 6-110 V, apparatus based on the utilization of mineral oil and porcelain as switching and isolating technics.

The range of products is developed during 1961-1970 period of time by the redesign of the products manufactured before and the performing of others like the series of 0.5-35 kV resin insulated measuring transformers of our own technical design and by being manufactured some new apparatus to licenses of companies as Delle-Alsthom for 420 kV low oil circuit breakers and Brown Boveri-Micafil for the measuring transformers of 245-420 kV.

The whole manufacture process takes place in a new built and properly endowed factory.

During 1970-1985 period of time there were going to be developed all types of electric apparatus being increased the rated voltage to 420 kV, the rated current to 6300 A and the switching capacity to 40 kA. There were also diversified the constructive and engineering solutions for operating, environmental and special conditions.

There were delivered the first SF6 gas electric apparatus.

Since 1985, the main technical concern was to be extended SF6 gas utilization to the switching in apparatus (circuit-breakers, contactors, load switches), measuring transformers over 72.5 kV and 123 kV gas insulated switchgears (GIS). All the other conventional electric apparatus were going to be developed continuously according to the new standard and operational requirements.

There were also diversified the list of products and the technical characteristic values which, together with the utilization of some auxiliary mechanical and electrical components made our products more competitive on the market.

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