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Electric Rotating Motor

The Rotate Electric Motors Factory, the same-named Division now, has been developed in S.C.Electroputere SA. This factory began to manufacture in 1950 and its manufacturing profile has been diversified in time from the most simple low voltage asynchronous motors intended for pumps driving, petroleum industry and the paper one.

Nowadays, MER Division is specialized in the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of large range of DC and AC generators and motors of high powers designed and intended to work in the most various and complex equipment working in cement industry, that one of extractive works, metallurgy, energetic one, in railway and urban transportation work, pumping stations, the electro-nuclear stations inclusively.

There are to be mentioned in this factory evolution some periods of time marked by some special products which were assimilated and which were new achievements and forward steps to the present time experience and specialization. So, in the 6th. decade, there was assimilated the first unitary series of short-circuit rotor high voltage asynchronous motors, the winded rotor respectively, the maximum power being of 800 kW. There were also asimilated the DC generators and motors for 2100 HP Diesel-engine locomotives (BBC license, Switzerland) and DC motors for 5100 kW electric locomotives (ASEA license, Sweden).

The same time with these products manufacture, the isolation class F was introduced and, based on it, there were developed the new generations of electric motors having high technical and economical performances. Therefore, Electroputere became one of the first companies in Europe which made this F isolation class of general use in its overall manufacture range.

Electroputere electric motor manufacturing range has been continuously enlarged as follows:

  • enclosed water-air changer cooled high power motors
  • vertical no outside axle effort motors for air operation
  • series of DC motors for rolling mills
  • DC motors of 550 and 850 kW for drilling
  • synchronous generators for Diesel electric locomotives of 4000 HP
  • short-circuit rotor asynchronous motor of 1800 kW; 1500 r.p.m., 6 kV

During 1980-1985 the following types were also assimilated:

  • unitary series of high voltage asynchronous motors, H=355560 with power up to 2000 kW, enclosed and protected construction, short-circuit rotor
  • series of high voltage asynchronous motors special for thermal stations
  • synchronous generators special for traction, for Diesel electric locomotives of 1250 and 1500 HP
  • asynchronous high and low voltage motors special for heavy water installations
  • asynchronous motors of 2000 kW, 3000 r.p.m., 6 kV with water-air changer
  • DC motors and synchronous generators for Diesel electric locomotives of 4000 HP
  • explosion-proof high and low voltage asynchronous motors
  • series of synchronous generators for maritime use with ALCO (630-1250) kVA.

During 1986-1990 there were assimilated some products of high complex character as follows:

  • asynchronous motors of 560, 1400 and 2000 kW for electric nuclear stations
  • synchronous generators of 800 kW for electrogene intervention groups in electric-nuclear stations

During the last years, the list of products was enlarged being assimilated new types of electric motors specially requested by our customers in Romania and abroad.

The main categories of electric motors assimilated during the last years are:

  • synchronous and asynchronous motors of 10 kV for the drivings in some processing works in Ucraina
  • explosion-proof asynchronous motors of hydrogen operation (EExdIIC)
  • high power asynchronous motors for the cement industry
  • self-excited synchronous motors for the autonomous electric stations station
  • high and low voltage special asynchronous motors for mining industry
  • new generation of special asynchronous motors of 6 kV for power industry
  • asynchronous motors of 356 and 450 HP with speed adjustment by converters (500-800) r.p.m. - export USA
  • wound rotor asynchronous motors at 11 kV, for transporting conveyer belts
  • synchronous motors of 2500 kW for wood grinding in the wood industry
  • asynchronous and DC motors for railway and urban traction
  • short-circuit rotor asynchronous motors at 1 kV for mining industry
  • compound self-excitation system synchronous motors

The testing of the manufacture capacity for the motors to be utilized in electric-nuclear stations according to CGE-Canada and Ansaldo-Italy companies provides a guaranty for the high technical level the electric motors having Electroputere trade mark are manufactured to.

The utilization of all the manufacturing capacities existing at MER Division, the co-operation between the design teams, motors manufacturers and customers, the purchasing of manufacturing licenses from famous electric motor manufacture companies, our own technical research are only some of the elements contributing to the development in time of the manufacture capacity and to the raising of the electric motors technical and economical performances.

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